A tranquil workspace designed for focus and productivity located in the heart of Amsterdam.

The workspace

Located on the picturesque Amsterdam canals, the 3forty office offers close to 400m2 of space. It’s furnished with 30 work stations, meeting rooms, phone booths, a fully equipped kitchen, and a lovely lounge in the front of our space overlooking the canals.

Open for like minded people

Our workspace is accessible by everyone within the 3forty family. We also offer memberships to those who carry the same values about deep work and productivity, preferably builders in the digital space. If you want to join our workspace, please scroll down and fill in the form to request more information.

A stylish and spacious workspace, equipped with every comfort

Work station

Each work station is equipped with an electrically adjustable desk, ergonomic chair, screen, laptop stand, keyboard, and mouse.

Sound system

Sonos for the day to day background music and a fully working DJ set for the occasional Friday afternoon drinks.

Meeting room

We have two meeting rooms available for presentations and meeting up until 6 people.

Full kitchen

Our kitchen is suitable to host a nice dinner and lunches. Up until 12 people can comfortably be seated.

Phone booths

We have two phone booths to ensure nobody is bothering anyone with phone calls.

Happenings in our beautiful space — from creative workshops, cocktail Fridays, to 
gallery exhibitions.

Want to work at our office?

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