Founder program

Our founder program helps young people who are not shaped for the conventional educational system and want to build new things hands-on.

You’ll work in each of our builder studios to learn everything about product design, software engineering, proposition design, and validation techniques. Within a year we get your up and running to start an internet business and we’ll even help you build it.

Eli5 Product Studio

Eli5 builds software products for promising startups and F500 companies.
What you'll learn:

  • Software engineering

  • Technical architecture

  • Testing and DevOps

  • Product Design

Noco Agency

Noco is a no-code design studio that creates high-end and fully custom design websites for internet companies.
What you'll learn:

  • Creating appealing web presentations

  • Incorporation of value proposition

  • Design and brand development

  • No-code development

The Validation Company

Focused on startup and software ideas, TVC validates new things upfront.
What you'll learn:

  • Value Proposition Design

  • Copywriting

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • User Interviews

When you’re ready for it, we help you build your company.


We fund your business with 100k euro. 50% of this is in cash and 50% is in providing capacity from the builder studios.


Our founders help you along the way and we foster cross company learnings by putting you in direct contact with other founders.

You're in charge

It’s your business and you’re fully in charge. From getting the product up and running to putting in the grind to make it stick.

Our Alumni
Papyr by Jorrit Keijzer

With Papyr, you can effortlessly save, share and read articles, essays and blogs from all over the web. Create collections, follow friends, share new reads and find new reads via the platform and your network.

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After 5 months of university I knew that was not my way of getting to where I wanted to be. I called Wes and Kishan and asked them if they wanted to mentor me along the way of becoming a founder of my own business. At the time we did not know yet if would lead to me being the first 3forty alumni.

Jorrit Keijzer

Founder of Papyr

The people from each builder studio and venture within 3forty are insanely talented and incredibly kind. I’m very excited about the direction we’re taking and the things coming out of our founder program.

Wes Botman

Founder of 3forty

Not made for the classroom and incredibly excited to start building?

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